Social Responsibility

The team at CBE is more than just ambitious; they bleed purpose

Amid worldwide uncertainty, CBE is deliberately different. While other companies face rapid change at almost every level of the organization, CBE is focused on its continuity and resilient efforts to align corporate strategy with corporate culture.

We can’t deny there is a certain level of current economic turbulence, and there is an air of uncertain impact remote and hybrid work may have on companies. Still, CBE is steadfast in its mission to square corporate strategy with corporate culture to maintain its competitive edge. While they’ve brought some employees back into the office, which only strengthens its culture, a big part of its competitive edge is its robust corporate social responsibility (CSR) position.

It’s not enough to cascade information; Amanda Gantois, CBE’s Vice President of Human Resources explains the company’s genuinely healthy corporate culture as circular: two-way communication and feedback loops.

Traditionally, businesses will express support for a cause (a cause of their choosing) and call it CSR. But CBE doesn’t see it as a “one-size-fits-all” initiative, and it understands that change ripples outward. The company welcomes employees’ desires — and invitations — to support local and national causes that are critical to them. Smaller, more localized philanthropic efforts by an employee are encouraged by the company, and more significant scale choices are voted on through committees or senior-level management.

For CBE, circular also means continual. Over 200 hours have been recorded in the third quarter, and employees have raised more than $85,000 thus far in 2022. While the teams at CBE show no sign of slowing down their charitable drive, and the company supports their purpose, engagement, and transparency, they also believe corporate philanthropy is what allows their teams to exist together — whether remote, in-office, or hybrid.

“Camaraderie develops; a sense of belonging takes over, and the after-high positively affects morale.”

To learn more about CBEs’ support for local charities, community organizations, and other philanthropic initiatives, visit