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Originally labeled as the Great Resignation, experts are now calling it the Great Reshuffle. Trends show people are trading up.

No matter what you call it, the Great Resignation, the Great Renegotiation, the Great Rethink, or the Great Reshuffle, workers (in outlandish numbers) are quitting one job for another. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 47 million Americans voluntarily quit their jobs in 2021 – an unprecedented mass exodus. But when we look closer, we see that hiring rates have outpaced quit rates since November 2020. While the national quit rate is 2.7%, the national hiring rate is 4.2%.

What’s really going on?

In 2020, the resignation rate slowed because of uncertainty brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, and workers held on to their jobs in more significant numbers. But that pause was short-lived. In 2021, the federal government sent out stimulus checks, and some of the uncertainty waned. That’s when a record number of workers quit their jobs, thus creating the so-called Great Resignation. However, that number included many workers who might have left their jobs in 2020 had there been no pandemic. This means that we are back in line with pre-pandemic departures – a trend that American employers will likely be confronting for years to come.

Where are workers going?

So, what are Americans looking for in their next job? Why are they leaving, and where are they going? Workers realize there are better ways to earn a living, including higher pay, regular hours, and flexibility. The nation is flush with possibilities. No longer are employees forced to tolerate bad bosses or terrible customers, low income, or zero work-life balance. Americans are recalibrating workplace expectations – whether it’s low-wage workers ditching their aprons or white-collar workers needing flexible work schedules – they hold more control now than ever.

What’s the next step?

While American workers are reshaping how they want to work, some American companies are listening and taking notes. CBE Companies focuses on personal and professional growth, intent on developing its employees into poised leaders. We welcome experienced professionals and those with limited experience but an eagerness to learn. The leadership’s approach to business remains guided by our core values:

    • Leadership: always be humble and serve others around you.
    • Integrity: always do the right thing.
    • Respect: always treat others as we would expect to be treated.
    • Innovation: always look at our challenges and solve them from different angles.
    • Continuous Improvement: always be a cutting-edge and learning organization.

As the recipient of the 2022 Top Work Places and Employers of Choice awards, we think workplace satisfaction promotes employee loyalty. Moreover, it is a major factor in an employee’s decision to stay with our company. (Some stay with us for decades!) Whether your first or final step, CBE offers job seekers what few companies can: transferable skills and unlimited opportunities for professional success. We aim to ensure employees are engaged and feel valued, heard, and satisfied in their roles at CBE. So, whether you’re rethinking, reshuffling, or renegotiating your next move, make sure your next opportunity is with a company that is committed to improving your life and has the vision and resources to follow through. To learn more about CBE Companies and to start your career search, visit