Improving healthcare debt collection while enhancing the patient experience

Debt collection is already a sensitive subject. Now imagine individuals carrying hospital or medical debt and it’s an even harder subject to talk about. Inspired by our ethical approach to debt collection, we at CBE have revolutionized the patient journey in healthcare by delivering a caring user experience that includes creative ways for patients to make a payment, view a statement, talk to a virtual agent or speak to a recovery specialist. What we offer is a heightened patient engagement with optimized debt recoveries.

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Healthcare collections with an ethical approach

“Treat others as you want to be treated.” It is a simple statement and it’s how we approach our work with your patients. Patient experience matters whether it’s customer service or collectionsand it’s fundamental in how we conduct business. After all, strengthening your reputation in the communities you serve is also one of our top priorities.

Early-out self-pay for patients

There are many challenges a patient faces after experiencing an illness or injury. We help them navigate their increasing patient responsibilities with an understanding ear and easy payment options. 

Our full-service program leverages powerful technology and connected intelligence to engage patients early and often. We ensure patient satisfaction in every communication and utilize modern communication channelsincluding text and emailin addition to traditional methods such as phone calls and patient statements. We understand each patient circumstance is unique and collection methods are not one-size-fits-all. In fact, we make sure to offer convenient payment methods that make it easy to pay for care.

Healthcare bad debt solutions for aging receivables

The patient journey doesn’t stop when patient accounts are charged-off. CBE provides primary, secondary and tertiary collections for aging receivables. We have the means to email and texteven when accounts are aged.

Provider of Outsourced Call Center Services


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  • Bad Debt Solutions


Iowa and Tennessee

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Making lives better one call at a time, by connecting people to solutions.

Collections for hospital systems based on innovation solutions

We realize some patients may not want to speak to a live person regarding their outstanding debt. Our representatives are fully trained and able to make the empathetic leap, imagining the weight the consumer is carrying. We stepped out of the box and built a powerful, compliant, consumer-centered decision platform that allows us to better understand patients so we can proactively meet their needs. 

ARIA, our intelligent virtual agent, is an outstanding recovery solution to manage risk and propel reward. This connected intelligence transforms recovery performance by creating an amazing user experience, both digitally and over the phone. 

And finally, to ensure a positive patient experience, we offer post-call satisfaction surveys.


Blending collections technology with human touch

CBE delivers an individualized patient experience by implementing artificial intelligence, and by aligning our processes with customer expectations. Our omni-channel platform includes:

ARIA, Intelligent Virtual Agent

  • ARIA is as close to being human as artificial intelligence can get. With kindness in her voice, she is conversational and dynamic, and assists patients who wish to resolve their accounts without speaking to a live person.

Our payment portal is user-friendly and can help patients resolve their account, establish a payment plan, view pending payments, and make changes to their arrangements.


  • CBE sends thousands of patient statements and collections letters via secure, compliant email.

Text Messaging

  • CBE integrates text messaging to engage patients earlier in the process. 

Live recovery specialists

Our highly trained specialists have the finest communication skills and can explain the many different payment options available to aid patients in paying their healthcare bills.

Leading the healthcare collections industry in compliance

Unlike most receivables management companies today, we continue to be privately held with our expertise widely known throughout the collections industry. Our ability to adapt and evolve, and customize solutions in the constantly changing regulatory environment sets us apart from other providers. 

CBE lives and breathes healthcare, and stays at the forefront providing thought leadership and industry best practices through the ACA International, American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management (AAHAM), and Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA), as well as many other industry conferences. 

Our decades-long track record, and high standards of performance translate into higher debt recovery.


Sales Contact:

Kim Reibling
Director, Sales – Healthcare
CBE Companies
Cell: (314) 605-8074

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