Bringing Profitability to Healthcare A/R

Whether you lead a hospital, nationwide medical group or a regional healthcare system, improving revenue recovery is high on your list of priorities. New healthcare laws and regulations make managing receivables even more crucial.

How We are Healing Healthcare Revenue

With over 75 years of experience with meaningful, long-lasting partnerships with healthcare providers, our Healthcare Division is dedicated 100 percent to healthcare clients who need innovative A/R solutions to assist their billing office, generate positive results and build on your organization’s strong reputation.

Maximizing your healthcare organization’s revenue cycle is about more than efficiency. It’s about providing the right service, at the right time with the right approach. Our 70+ years of experience in healthcare have provided valuable insights that allow us to stay proactive to the needs of the industry with clients who have many choices, but continually stay with us.

We Operate by the
“Golden Rule”

“Treat others as you want to be treated.” It’s a simple axiom and it’s how we approach our work for healthcare facilities across the country. It ensures a great experience between your team and us, as well as a foundation for strengthening your reputation in the communities you serve.  Patient experience matters, whether its customer service or collections.

Upstream Solutions to Avoid Bad Debt

  • Early-Out Self Pay Collections
    We utilize our customized processes and advanced technology to take a strategic approach to billing. We work as an extension of your business office, contacting patients and guarantors early in the A/R process to bill, collect and follow-up to improve your revenue recovery.
  • Payment Monitoring
    We monitor and manage the communication after a repayment plan has been set up to ensure patients stay on schedule and the revenue cycle remains on track.
  • Insurance Follow Up
    In business, it’s all about who you know. Our dedicated medical insurance recovery team works often with insurance companies, utilizing our solid relationships to dramatically decrease payment processing efforts. Unpaid claims are diligently tracked to ensure quicker billing and resubmissions for our clients.

Bad Debt Solutions to Increase Revenues

  • Bad Debt Recovery
    Our strategic approach to bad debt collection combines detailed work strategies, advanced analytics resources and industry-leading skip trace resources to optimize the collection process and lower your bad debt portfolio. Our technological savvy combined with fair, honest and respectful treatment of patients is why we’ve been a provider of choice in medical debt collections since the 1940s.
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  • Early-Out Self-Pay Collections
  • Insurance Follow-up
  • Payment Monitoring


  • Bad Debt Recovery
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Making lives better one call at a time, by connecting people to solutions

Tools that Drive Success

Our team utilizes the most advanced technology and tools to deliver consistent, high quality results.

  • EFT Agree- A compliant solution for recurring debit payments. Customers are able to use our interactive voice response (IVR) technology to secure future payments that are compliant with Regulation E.
  • Manual Clicker Application (MCA)- we proactively mitigate TCPA risk with our innovative, patent-pending Manual Clicker Application (MCA) used in outbound dialing efforts. Designed by Madison Wyatt, our analytic and technology application subsidiary, our manual dialing alternative maintains TCPA compliance while creating efficiencies in outbound cell phone dialing. The MCA has been vetted in the courts and proven to protect our clients from legal risk.
  • CallMiner- We utilize this speech analytics software to analyze each call for quality assurance and compliance with documented standards.
  • Online Consumer Portal with Negotiation Engine- A 24/7 self-service platform that allows consumers to make payments on their own terms utilizing the negotiation technology to determine repayment and settlement options.
  • cat.i Core- This custom account tracking intelligence tool helps us maintain effective operational strategies with our workforce.
  • CBE WebVision- Our client access website that offers our clients the ability to view accounts and download reports, invoices and other documents from CBE.


We Live and Breathe Healthcare

Not only do we have a dedicated team for Healthcare, but we continue to immerse ourselves in the healthcare industry by staying active with associations and attending and speaking at industry events. We are members of the following healthcare associations, as well as collection & credit industry organizations:

  • American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management
  • Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA)
  • ACA International


We Put our Experience and Culture of Innovation to Work for You

Over the years we have gained diverse experience working on the largest contracts in some of the most highly regulated industries. As a result, the processes we put into practice adhere to stringent security standards and compliance guidelines to protect you from risk.

Our employees are empowered to execute on new ideas. If current technology won’t meet our needs, we invest in a proprietary solution that is better than what the market offers. This ensures we give your hospital or medical group a competitive advantage.

Finally, we believe your business is our business. Our famous “cultural immersion sessions” allow us to gain a thorough understanding of your unique business, patient base and culture with an on-site visit. Aligning your culture with our core values provides a stronger bond for a mutually beneficial experience.


Doing the Right Thing

Doing the
Right Thing

We conduct our business in accordance with the highest standards of professional behavior and ethics.

Leading the Way

the Way

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Our Impact

Rating Quote

We have been with CBE since early 2002. When we sent out our original RFP in 2001, CBE’s response individuated that they had the technology and the willingness to provide the “personal touch” we were looking for. CBE showed is in our first years with them that they could meet our expectations, and that they would invest in their technology and in their own people so they could continue to provide the services and responses we have looked for. That “personal touch” has continued all these years.”

-Collections Manager, Private Midwest Hospital


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