When it comes to selecting a revenue cycle management (RCM) service provider, many healthcare organizations may be tempted to opt for the lowest bidder in hopes to save on cost. This strategy can often come with hidden drawbacks that can negatively impact the financial health and reputation of the institutions.


  • Quality of Service: Opting for the lowest bidder may lead to a decrease in customer service. RCM service providers with lower prices may lack expertise, empathy, or attention to detail required to maximize revenue collection and minimize billing efforts.
  • Expertise and Experience: Navigating the complexities of healthcare billing and coding requires an elevated level of expertise and experience. Other companies offering the lowest bids may not have the necessary knowledge of evolving regulations and insurance policies, which can result in missed revenue opportunities and compliance issues.
  • Data Security and Protection: Data protection and compliance with regulations like HIPAA are non-negotiable. Lower-cost RCM providers might not invest adequately in robust security measures, potentially exposing sensitive patient information to breaches and legal liabilities.
  • Long-Term Partnership: Successful RCM often relies on building strong, long-term partnerships with service providers who understand the unique needs and challenges of the healthcare organization. Opting for the lowest bidder can undermine the development of these crucial relationships.
  • Reputation and Patient Experience: Patient experience and the reputation of the hospital or medical organization is a number one priority when choosing a service provider. Billing errors, delays, and disputes resulting from subpar RCM services can negatively impact a provider’s reputation.

How CBE Compares:

CBE, a premier provider of accounts receivables management (ARM), revenue recovery management (RCM), and business process outsourcing (BPO), distinguishes itself from the lowest bidders through our commitment to delivering high-quality and reliable solutions. While the lowest bidders may offer services at a reduced cost upfront, CBE prioritizes customer care, compliance, and expertise in our offerings.

With 90 years of expertise, CBE’s reputation is built on our ability to provide exceptional value through elevated solutions, experienced professionals, and a track record of successful partnerships. By choosing CBE as your premier provider of RCM solutions, your organization can access not only cost-effective services, but also a strategic partner dedicated to achieving long-term goals and delivering exceptional results.


While cost control is vital for hospitals and medical organizations, selecting the lowest bidder for RCM services can come at a significant long-term cost. Quality of service, expertise, and compliance should be carefully considered when choosing an RCM partner. Prioritizing value and effectiveness over initial cost savings can help healthcare organizations maintain financial stability, uphold their reputation, and provide quality care to their patients.

About CBE Companies

Founded in 1933, CBE Companies is a global provider of outsourced contact center solutions. For 90 years, CBE has continued to invest in developing and nurturing leaders throughout the organization by creating an environment in which individuals thrive, creativity is valued, and organic growth is achieved. CBE employs nearly 1,200 people in 3 locations globally, including a large work-from-home community.

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