The Impact of Inflation in Healthcare

As healthcare costs rise, patients face increased financial burdens, particularly with medical debt. Healthcare debt can significantly strain individuals and families given the rising cost of drugs, medical equipment, and services, plus dealing with the complexity of insurance processes. Inflation amplifies these challenges, exacerbating the financial burden on patients, making it more difficult for them to manage their healthcare expenses.

Empathetic Receivables Management Services

Recognizing the delicate nature of healthcare debt and the impact of inflation, CBE approaches receivable management with empathy and care. We understand that behind every medical bill is a person with unique circumstances and concerns. Here is how CBE Companies’ solutions reflect empathy in supporting patients facing healthcare debt:

  • Personalized Approach: We acknowledge that each patients’ situation is unique. Our receivables management solutions are tailored to address individual needs and financial circumstances. By taking a personalized approach, CBE strives to understand the challenges patient’s face and works collaboratively with them to find suitable solutions.
  • Empathetic Communication: CBE’s agents receive initial and ongoing training on the underlying causes and consequences of medical debt, and this understanding helps us to truly understand the patient’s situation. Our agents work diligently to connect with the patient and not solely focus on their account. We emphasize best practices that focus on empathy and the utmost respect when communicating with patients.
  • Education and Support: At CBE, we recognize that many patients may lack familiarity with the complexities of medical billing and insurance systems, especially in the face of inflation. We provide all patients with educational resources and assistance to help them navigate their healthcare debt.

CBE’s Approach Continuously Evolves

With decades-long track record, high performance standards and strong compliance and security protocols, CBE’s healthcare clients recognize how our patient communication and payment flexibility translates into higher patient repayment.

CBE understands that inflation is an ever-changing economic force which requires us to be proactive and adaptable by closely monitoring trends and fostering a culture of adaptability, we have implemented strategies to assist patients in their repayment obligations and help our healthcare clients with long-term sustainability and resilience amid an ever-changing economic environment.

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