In the spirit of community, compassion, and a commitment to making a positive impact, CBE Companies is proud to announce an exciting transformation in its philanthropic endeavors! CBE’s former “Casual for a Cause” program is a charitable initiative that has evolved into the all-encompassing and heartfelt “CBE Cares”. For years CBE has championed the spirit of giving back through our philanthropic initiatives, creating opportunities for employees to donate money to local charities and non-profit organizations.

“Doing the right thing” is an integral part of our culture that not only protects our clients, but also extends outside the office and business hours. Both as a company and individual employees, we focus on providing our time, talents, and financial resources to support local charities and community organizations throughout our Cedar Valley (IA), New Braunfels (TX), and Clarksville (TN) communities. CBE’s ideal candidates seek to benefit human need, align with our Core Values, and demonstrate fiscal responsibility.


2023 Donation Spotlight

Q1 2023: $8,632.41 (per charity)

Family and Children’s Council of Black Hawk County (Iowa): Our mission is to make sure every child is happy, healthy, and safe through programming that prevents child abuse and strengthens families. FCC is the area’s only child abuse prevention agency; we are in both hospitals moments after a child is born to make sure every child is safe and has their basic needs met, providing car seats and pack & plays, as well as education to keep babies safe. We are also in every Black Hawk County school teaching children about what is appropriate behavior and what is not in order to keep them safe from predators, and we’re in homes of all socio-economic backgrounds helping show men and women to be better parents.


Connections Individual and Family Services – Children’s Shelter (Texas): Our mission is to strengthen communities, one youth and one family at a time. What started as a children’s shelter has since expanded to include a transitional living home, counseling initiatives, and prevention programming. We provide shelter for at-risk and homeless youth with nowhere else to run, a safe home to displaced youth while simultaneously working with families to decrease the number of children being displaced. Connections also provides no-cost counseling to you and families in the community to improve communication, strengthen understanding, mediate issues, and teach coping mechanisms; not only are services free, but counselors can also meet with clients at school, in the home, or any location convenient to the family.


Q2 2023: $8,632.41 (per charity)

Black Hawk Soil and Water Conservation District (Iowa): Our mission is to bring about the secure future of strong agricultural production and environmental protection of our precious resources in both urban and rural sectors. Embedded in our mission is outreach and education thoroughout our county; we hold field days for farmers, educational programs for our youth, and educational and demonstration events for the general public. Each event teaches and demonstrates the importance of preserving our soil and improving our water quality whether we are living in town or working the farmland.


Lone Start Parkinson Society (Texas): Our mission is to provide education, information, support services, wellness programs and symposiums to help improve the quality-of-life people with Parkinson’s Disease including their families, loved ones and supporters, and to enhance public understanding of the challenges faced by those affected by Parkinson’s Disease. Parkinson’s Disease is incurable; it manifests in multiple ways mentally and physically affecting the patient’s motor skills and balance. Funding provides the monthly per-patient cost of $89 to participate in our programs which are held at a local non-profit gym 4-5 days a week; most members come every day of the week as they have seen the benefits the exercise program provides.


Q3 2023: $5,436.36 (per charity)​

Koats 4 Kids (Iowa): Impacting the lives of low-income children by providing more than just a coat—a new coat works a mini-miracle in their lives; kids no longer have to be embarrassed or made fun of for wearing coats that are soiled, torn, too small, too big, or with a zipper than is broken and kept closed with a safety pin. Black Hawk County has over 9,200 children living in poverty; through donations and partnerships, we spend about $75 for a new coat, hat, gloves, boots and snow pants, saving families the $115 they would have to spend to get the same items. Instead, families can use that money toward housing, healthcare, transportation, and food. These coats give warmth, dry feet, and hope to countless students in the Cedar Valley so they can attend school, participate in recess, and remain engaged during the Iowa winter months. The children get to pick out their own brand-new gear in their favorite colors, bringing huge smiles, excitement, and happiness knowing they can play outside with their classmates at recess and they will be warm as they wait outside for the school bus or walk to and from school.


Police Academy Alumni (Tennessee): Working to build relationships between citizens and our CPD officers, including outreach events like Coffee with a Cop, Pizza with Police, Hop with a Cop, child safety events, and National Night Out. 100% of donated funds stay within the Clarksville community and are used to further the mission of getting citizens more involved by learning about the CPD, getting engaged in local community events, and educating our teenagers on the importance of safe and smart driving.​


Pink Warrior Advocates (Texas): Providing $10,000 in monthly financial aid assistance to community residents who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. This program aims to assist with the many unexpected burdens that come with a cancer diagnosis and is unique in that they help with a wide range of financial requests, such as grocery cards, living expenses, medical bills, and everything in between.


Now Taking Applications!

We are now accepting applications for our charitable and non-profit organizations! If your organization is interested in joining CBE’s list of local charitable and non-profit recipients, please complete and submit this application.

Organizations that will be considered for funding:

  • A tax-exempt, non-profit entity, classified by the IRS as 501(c)3
  • Maintains a physical presence and address in the:
    • State of Iowa; preferably in the Cedar Valley
    • State of Texas; preferably in the New Braunfels area
    • State of Tennessee; preferably in the Clarksville area
  • Provides proof of how these funds will demonstrate an impact to the community
  • Submits the CBE Cares Application by the deadline, completed by an employee, board member, or volunteer of the organization

CBE Cares will not consider requests:

  • That benefit a specific religious organization
  • For sporting events or athletic teams
  • Political groups
  • Specific fundraisers (golf outings, 5Ks, galas)
  • Animal care/salvation organizations
  • School fundraisers
  • Trade associations
  • That benefit a specific family or individual




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