Expertise in Utility Collection and Customer Service Solutions

CBE’s customized first- and third-party collections and contact center services focus on maximizing your revenue while minimizing risk. Our dedicated Utility division offers custom solutions to identify “at-risk” customers, reduce customer churn, and increase recoveries to complement your business processes.

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Expertise in Utility Collection and Customer Service Solutions

CBE’s customized first- and third-party collections and contact center services focus on maximizing your revenue while minimizing risk. Our dedicated Utility division offers custom solutions to identify “at-risk” customers, reduce customer churn, and increase recoveries to complement your business processes.

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Pre-Disconnect and Post Charge-Off Recovery Solutions

We’ve been in business since 1933, and for over 80 years our proven strategies continue to provide account resolution services for some of the nation’s largest utilities across the United States. As an outsourcing partner who thrives on getting the details right, we insist on providing only top-quality service to you and your customers. CBE’s long-term success in the utility industry has been achieved by maximizing innovation with our technology, internal processes, and team training.

Our full-service program leverages powerful technology and connected intelligence to engage your customers early and often. We ensure consumer satisfaction in every communication and utilize modern communication channels including texting and emailing—in addition to traditional methods such as phone calls and billing notices—to interact with your customers via methods they already use in other areas of their life. Each consumer circumstance is unique, so we offer convenient payment methods that make it easy to meet their financial obligations.

We’re dedicated to providing a positive consumer experience and offer post-call satisfaction surveys. Our culture and core values focus on empathy and finding the right solutions for optimal interactions and account resolution, one consumer at a time.

Blending Artificial Intelligence with the
Human Touch to Engage Consumers

We made it possible for your customers to deliver a message, make a payment, or speak to a virtual agent any time of day. Consumers can securely and conveniently resolve their account from their phone, tablet, or laptop in a manner that enables flexibility and strengthens your reputation.

We Operate by the “Golden Rule”

“Treat others as you want to be treated.” It’s a simple statement and it’s how we approach our work with your customers. It also ensures a great experience between our teams and is foundational for strengthening your company’s reputation. The consumer experience matters—whether it’s customer service or collections—and we maximize collection results without sacrificing integrity.

CBE Provides Third-Party Solutions

Primary and Secondary Debt Collection

Our strategic recovery solutions utilize detailed work strategies, advanced technology, and industry-leading skip trace resources to optimize collections. Our analytics programs ensure that our workforce is constantly fine-tuned to provide the results you need when you need them.

CBE Provides First-Party Services

Customer Care

As your customer service outsourcing partner, we will provide your customers unparalleled service. Our experience in providing high-performing call centers across multiple verticals means you benefit from best practices that heighten efficiency and customer satisfaction. From billing inquiries to service connections and outage calls, we will ensure your customers have a seamless experience.

“Treat others as you want to be treated.” It’s a simple axiom and it’s how we approach our work for utility providers nationwide. It ensures a great experience for you and your customer any time they interact with CBE.


“As part of a corporation that provides electric and natural gas services to 759,000 customers in seven states, it is extremely important for us to partner with an agency that can deliver consistent, exceptional performance results in recovering our delinquent accounts. CBE has consistently met our collection expectations even in difficult economic times. Throughout the years, we have been extremely pleased with their performance results.

CBE has proven to us over the years that they are respectful and compassionate when working with our customers to obtain finances due. I feel CBE’s success in this area stems from their ability to understand our culture and what is important to us. We are always looking for ways to improve our technology and CBE’s systems provide a smooth integration and enable us to access information conveniently.”

-Large Private Utility Provider

Doing the right thing

We conduct our business in accordance with the highest standards of professional behavior and ethics.

Leading the way

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Powerful Tools that Drive Success

Our first- and third-party recovery solutions focus on obtaining quick results while maintaining your company’s reputation with your customers. By combining an approach that idealizes the Golden Rule and provides seamless consumer experience, CBE is revolutionizing the consumer journey by delivering an amazing user experience that includes creative ways for consumers to make a payment, view a statement, talk to a virtual agent, or speak to a live recovery specialist. What we offer is heightened consumer engagement with optimized recoveries.

Our team utilizes the most advanced technology and tools to deliver consistent, high-quality results.

Seamless & Connected Intelligence

CBE is pioneering. We built a powerful, compliant, consumer-centered, decision platform that allows us to better understand consumers individually so we can proactively meet their needs. We transformed recovery performance by creating an amazing user experience, whether digitally or over the phone. It all begins with the right data, and what we do with that data allows us to achieve optimal results for utility companies.

CBE Owns LocateSmarter®

LocateSmarter is a batch skip trace and data enrichment company that delivers better, more unique data that other agencies simply don’t get from skip trace and credit reporting vendors offering traditional data refining.

CBE doesn’t stop there. We partner with several other data enrichment firms and pare the results with those found in our proprietary LocateSmarter engine. AI, combined with machine learning, integrates the best data to optimize financial performance and consumer experience, making each contact more successful than the last.

Blending Technology with Human Touch

CBE executes on this data with a compliant, omnichannel platform to provide the ability for your customers to resolve their account when they want and in their preferred method, any time of day or night.

We deliver an individualized consumer experience via:


Smart IVR

ARIA is as close to being human as artificial intelligence can get. With kindness in her voice, she is conversational and dynamic, and assists patients who wish to resolve their accounts without speaking to a live person.


Our payment portal is user-friendly and can help patients resolve their account, establish a payment plan, view pending payments, and make changes to their arrangements.



CBE sends thousands of patient statements and collections letters via secure, compliant email.


Text Messaging

CBE integrates text messaging to engage patients earlier in the process.


Live recovery specialists

Our highly trained specialists have the finest communication skills and can explain the many different payment options available to aid patients in paying their healthcare bills.

CBE’s unique capabilities allow us to deliver leading performance for our clients without generating complaints or risking your reputation in your communities. We make continual investments in our human capital strengths from talent selection, award winning training, and real-time speech analytics.

Leading the Industry in Compliance

Unlike most receivables management firms today, we continue to be privately held with our expertise widely known throughout the collections industry. Our ability to adapt and evolve in the constantly changing regulatory environment sets us apart from other providers.

CBE is at the forefront providing thought leadership and industry best practices within the receivables management industry through the Association of Credit & Collection Professionals (ACA International) and other industry conferences.

We Know the Utility Industry

CBE keeps a finger on the pulse of the utility industry through several strategic partnerships with organizations like the American Gas Association, Edison Electric Institute, and Platts. Our team members also attend and speak at numerous utility industry events and participate in educational events for compliance, regulatory issues, and advances in debt collection techniques and technology.

We Put our Experiences and Culture of Innovation to Work for You

Over the years, CBE has gained diverse experience working on the largest contracts in some of the most highly regulated industries, including utilities. As a result, the processes we put into practice adhere to stringent security standards and compliance guidelines to mitigate your risk.

Our employees are empowered to execute on new ideas. If current technology won’t meet our needs, we invest in a proprietary solution that is better than what is presently available in the market. This ensures we are proactive to industry changes, giving you a competitive advantage.

Finally, we believe your business is our business. Our “cultural immersion sessions” allow us to gain a thorough understanding of your unique business, customer demographics, and culture with either an on-site or virtual visit. Aligning your culture with our core values provides a stronger bond for a mutually beneficial experience.

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