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At CBE, our people make the difference in how we approach solutions for higher education institutions. CBE’s industry experts use their extensive knowledge to provide the solutions that provide a better experience for students.

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Higher Education Experts

At CBE, our people make the difference in how we approach solutions for and higher education institutions. CBE’s industry experts use their extensive knowledge to provide the solutions that provide a better experience for students.

CBE’s Collegiate Business Experts are industry professionals with over 30 years of experience. From designing campaigns for default prevention, institutional loans, federal loans and nursing loans, to accounts receivable and student fees, CBE has both the technology and strategies to exceed expectations and maintain the relationship with your students. CBE is also one of the first agencies experienced in contact tracing for colleges and universities.

Blending Artificial Intelligence with the Human Touch to Engage Students

We made it possible for students to deliver a message, make a payment, or speak to a virtual agent any time of day or night. Students can securely and conveniently resolve their account from their phone, tablet, or laptop in a manner that enables flexibility and strengthens your reputation.

We Operate by the
“Golden Rule”

We Operate by the “Golden Rule”

“Treat others as you want to be treated.” It’s a simple statement and it’s how we approach our work with your accounts. It also ensures a great experience between our teams. The citizen’s experience matters—it’s about customer service and maximizing results without sacrificing integrity.

Collegiate Business Expertise: Education Practice

Colleges and universities benefit from the best practices, resources, and data security of a national collections firm, combined with the hands-on, high-touch approach of a local agency. A relationship with CBE will complement and enhance this goal, based on the following:


  • Always Working for You  CBE’s ARIA, our virtual agent, is an artificial intelligence and interactive communication platform, giving your students the opportunity to resolve their account at any time in multiple languages. This tool reaches students on their terms and on their timetable, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Demonstrated Expertise  CBE has decades of direct expertise providing collection strategies for colleges and universities nationwide. We consistently outperform competitors with our expertise in customer service, compliance, collection strategy, technology, and price. In fact, our LocateSmarter skip tracing engine is used by many of the top agencies in the higher education vertical.
  • A Better Student Experience  CBE is a learning organization that strives for continual development of our people, processes, and performance. In 2020, we made a substantial investment to examine the entire borrower ecosystem to improve student engagement. Through focus groups, surveys and analysis, we developed a convenient portal to encourage and support students in achieving their goals.
  • Solid Financial and Leadership Stability  CBE offers leadership and financial stability to further our education clients’ mission and goals. Our team includes industry experts who are active in the leadership of industry organizations. CBE is financially stable and annually achieves goals to ensure payments to the University.
  • Default Aversion: Preventing Loan Defaults  Our Student Loan Counseling Service (SLCS) subsidiary has worked since the 1990s to counsel students in repayment best practices and default aversion. Our focus is to help students repay their loans while avoiding the pitfalls of default. This results in lower cohort default rates and increased loan recoveries for your institution.
  • Primary and Secondary Debt Collection  Our advanced technology, intelligent work strategies, and advanced skip tracing resources allow our team to reduce your outstanding debt. Plus, we apply our analytics resources to ensure our workforce contacts your students efficiently and effectively to help them resolve their obligations and shorten your recovery timeline.
  • Active in Industry Organizations  CBE’s people lend their expertise through leadership positions in national, regional, and state industry organizations such as:
    • Association of Credit and Collection Professionals (ACA International)
    • Better Business Bureau
    • Central Association of College and University Business Officers (CACUBO)
    • Coalition of Higher Education Assistance Organization (COHEAO)
    • Community College Business Organization (CBBO)
    • Florida Association of Bursars & Student Accounting Administrators (FABSAA)
    • Iowa Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (IASFAA)
    • Kansas Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (KASFAA)
    • Minnesota Collection Network
    • National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO)
    • National Council of Higher Education Resources (NCHER)
    • New York State Organization of Bursars and Business Administrators (NYSOBBA)
    • Oklahoma Association of College and University Business Officers (OACUBO)
    • PacWest SFS
    • Rocky Mountain Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (RMASFAA)

Simply put: When you work with CBE, you are working with the best in government debt collection.

Innovative Technology Drives Collection Success for Government

Our in-house technology development allows us to add value no one else can—from lower wrong number rates to the independence gained by our unique ability to customize our systems—which means we can recover more while calling less, generating more revenue and less risk for our clients.

Our team utilizes the most advanced technology and tools to deliver consistent, high-quality results:

Operational Technologies

CORE Collection Platform

Our custom account tracking intelligence tool helps us maintain effective operational strategies with our workforce and can be tailored to the exacting requirements of our clients.

EFT Agree

A compliant solution for recurring debit payments. Citizens have access to our interactive voice response (IVR) technology through which they can secure future payments that are compliant with Regulation E.

CallMiner Speech Analytics

We utilize CallMiner speech analytics software to analyze each call for quality assurance and compliance with documented standards.

LiveVox HCI Platform

CBE calls ALL phones using the LiveVox HCI platform with human intervention to eliminate any risk of potential Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) issues.

LocateSmarter Skip Tracing

Skip tracing is primarily performed through our patented, highly sophisticated and refined LocateSmarter automatic skip trace waterfall process, designed to identify and locate even the hardest-to-find consumers.

WebVision Client Portal

Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, WebVision is our highly secure client platform that allows our clients to review key account details, communicate securely, and view and download reports, invoices, and other documents.

Consumer-Facing Technologies

 eNotices Platform

The eNotice leverages email addresses supplied by our clients and accommodates a preference for electronic communication with links to payment options.

 Text Messaging

Compliant one-way SMS text messaging allows for fast delivery of information and provides citizens an opportunity to reach us at a time convenient for them.

We Put our Experience and Culture of Innovation to Work for You

Over the years, CBE has gained diverse experience working on complex contracts in some of the most highly regulated industries, and as a result the processes we put into practice adhere to stringent security standards and compliance guidelines to mitigate your risk.

Our employees are empowered to execute on new ideas. If current technology won’t meet our needs, we invest in a proprietary solution that is better than what is presently available in the market. This ensures we are proactive to industry changes, giving you a competitive advantage.

Finally, we believe your business is our business. Our “cultural immersion sessions” allow us to gain a thorough understanding of your unique business, demographics, and culture with either an on-site or virtual visit. Aligning your culture with our core values provides a stronger bond for a mutually beneficial experience.


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