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BPO that breaks the mold.

We do the work so your business can perform better

Whether customer care is at the heart of your organization or you’re a high-touch tech company, we are ready to partner with intelligent companies that pursue innovation and growth.

As a trusted advisor and partner to a wide variety of organizations for 90 years, our mission is to bring transformation, automation, and industry-leading solutions to enterprises across the globe through our unique approach to discovery and strategy. We’ll customize a solution tailored to your situation only by analyzing first and identifying the gaps second.

No two solutions are ever the same

No two solutions are the same because no two challenges are. Whether your business needs to create stronger customer relations, control regulatory standards for risk and compliance, or struggle with supply chain management and anything in the middle, our solution architects will elevate your outcome with a thoughtful process and hyper-customizable solution.

    • Is your call center suffering at the hands of legacy applications and slow systems?
    • Do you need to enhance security, take control of risk management, or automate your business functions?
    • Perhaps you need to better manage your workforce based on fluctuations in demand?

We understand  your strategy and actions need to be preserved. Our solutions won’t reinvent your services, just the approach you take to make your business perform better. Our long-standing expertise can deliver solutions that transform your business — turning your most significant challenges into major opportunities.

Our process starts with you

We’ve helped a wide variety of businesses from fast-moving tech startups to industry-leading telecom companies to pivotal government agencies improve their operational efficiency and success, and the one thing each engagement has in common is strategic listening. We come to the table with an open mind and creative thinking to help you meet your goals.

We optimize your customer’s journey with solutions that create effortless experiences and loyalty to your brand.

Innovative Development and Use of Tools Offering:

Targeted right-channel for your customers

Visibility and transparency for our clients

Flexibility and scalability for our operations

Trusted Partner for 90 Years

Fortune 500 Companies

Federal & State Government Agencies


Proven experience working with some of the nation’s largest private-sector and government contracts. CBE delivers the right solution in the right location for your dynamic business needs.


Dennis M. Harrison, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President, BPO Sales
Ph: (319) 427-1571

In the BPO industry for over 20 years, Dennis has been responsible for business development in multiple verticals for both U.S. and international companies. He brings a wealth of experience and insight to understanding his clients and their customers, as well as designing targeted right-channel solutions. His philosophy is threefold: listen, understand, and only then provide a solution that will improve your customers’ experience.

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