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Targeted right-channel experiences for your customers.

We optimize your customer's journey with solutions that create effortless experiences and loyalty to your brand.

Innovative Development and Use of Tools Offering:

Targeted right-channel for your customers

Visibility and transparency for our clients

Flexibility and scalability for our operations

Trusted Partner for 85 Years

Fortune 500 Companies

Federal & State Government Agencies


Proven experience working with some of the nation's largest private-sector and government contracts. CBE delivers the right solution in the right location for your dynamic business needs.

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Dennis M. Harrison, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President, BPO Sales
Ph: (319) 427-1571

In the BPO industry for over 20 years, Dennis has been responsible for business development in multiple verticals for both U.S. and international companies. He brings a wealth of experience and insight to understanding his clients and their customers, as well as designing targeted right-channel solutions. His philosophy is threefold: listen, understand, and only then provide a solution that will improve your customers’ experience.


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