Knowing we’ve had a positive impact on our clients’ businesses is the ultimate success. Hear from some of our clients about their experience with us. We’ll also gladly refer you to any of them so you can ask about their experience with us.

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Compliments from our Clients

We believe the true measure of our business is how our clients describe their experience with us. We are fortunate to be partnered with quality businesses, organizations and agencies across the world and in diverse industries. CBE is a working partner that other clients will personally tell you help them succeed, problem solve and improve constantly. Our clients are our proof. To truly understand how we approach our mission, we encourage you to read through the testimonials provided by some of our clients.

Want to hear from our clients yourself?  Let us know and we’ll put you in touch with them.

“Over the years CBE has consistently performed at a high level, and has achieved solid recovery rates on first and second placements for student loans and delinquent student receivables. Aside from the bottom line collection results attained by CBE, the most impressive characteristic is its knowledgeable, professional and courteous staff. It may be best, however, to summarize our University’s confidence in CBE by recognizing that it is CBE’s commitment to education and the financial aid industry that separates it from its competitors.”

-Supervisor of Student Loans, Major University

“When selecting CBE several years ago, we were impressed with their approach to collections. They were very cognizant of how people should be treated and seemed to attribute more value on relationships with customers than I had experienced with agencies. CBE is consistently outperforming other competitive agencies and the overall scorecard results prove that CBE’s level of performance is second to none.”

-Leading Nationwide Service Provider

“We have been with CBE since early 2002. When we sent out our original RFP in 2001, CBE’s response individuated that they had the technology and the willingness to provide the “personal touch” we were looking for. CBE showed is in our first years with them that they could meet our expectations, and that they would invest in their technology and in their own people so they could continue to provide the services and responses we have looked for. That “personal touch” has continued all these years.”

-Collections Manager, Private Midwest Hospital

“As part of a corporation that provides electric and natural gas services to 759,000 customers in seven states, it is extremely important for us to partner with an agency that can deliver consistent, exceptional performance results in recovering our delinquent accounts. CBE has consistently met our collection expectations even in difficult economic times. Throughout the years, we have been extremely pleased with their performance results.   CBE has proven to us over the years that they are respectful and compassionate when working with our customers to obtain finances due. I feel CBE’s success in this area stems from their ability to understand our culture and what is important to us. We are always looking for ways to improve our technology and CBE’s systems provide a smooth integration and enable us to access information conveniently.”

-Large Private Utility Provider

“We have worked with CBE as an agency partner for several years and are very happy with performance. CBE has continually proven themselves as a leader on our agency scorecard. Due to consistent success in a champion/challenger environment, market share has increased for CBE. We are very pleased with their results and attribute their competitive advantage to an advanced level of technology and analytics at the operational level. When change needs to be made, CBE is willing, able and quick to adjust workflows, resources and processes. We look forward to a partnership for years to come.”

-Sr. Agency Manager, Fortune 500 Company