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IRS Private Debt Collection Program

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has partnered with CBE Group to collect overdue federal taxes. CBE is one of only four companies that the IRS has selected to work on its behalf for this program. If any other company claims to be working on this program for the IRS, it is likely a scam. You can always validate our contact information by going directly to the IRS website. The IRS and CBE will contact taxpayers first through letters of notice that will provide our direct contact information and a unique identification number you can safely and securely authenticate when you receive or make a call to/from CBE.

This IRS program lets you work with CBE to resolve your outstanding tax obligation in a respectful and fair way. A collection agent will always confirm you are aware of your rights as a taxpayer. We fully comply with debt collection rules and consumer protections so that you are being offered the right solution to resolve past due balances.

When you receive a letter, you may contact us directly using the number provided, or you may speak with one of our agents when they call you. During each phone call, a collection agent will take you through a multi-question authentication process to verify your identity. This will include asking for your birth date, unique identifier from the IRS letter, and address.

Once we work with you to determine the best payment solution, your payments will be made to the IRS directly. Anyone who asks you to make payments to anyone or an entity other than the IRS is not working for the Internal Revenue Service.

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If you have received notices from the IRS and CBE Group about your tax obligation, please call us at 800-910-5837.

We will provide guidance on all your options, and then assist your making payments directly to the IRS.