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Premier Voice BPO and Contact Center Services

Agile and adaptive in voice BPO and advanced telephony, we redefine customer service. Leveraging a lean, seasoned agent workforce, we ensure heightened customer satisfaction through every call.

With CBE Customer Solutions, dive deeper into solutions that consistently exceed benchmarks, making us your trusted “voice” in the industry and a partner for the long haul. 

Our expert-driven team seamlessly manages vast call center volumes, offering unparalleled customer service solutions tailored to your needs.

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Elevated Interactions

Experience the premier touch of CBE’s voice-based BPO outsourcing, turning challenges into advantages with seamless customer care.

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Outstanding CX

Confidently focus on your core operations, knowing your customer interactions are in expert hands who are dedicated to upholding your brand.

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Unparalleled Compliance

Rest easy knowing that your data is handled with the strictest security measures in the industry, ensuring your reputation remains intact.

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Adaptive and Agile

We understand that each organization is unique. Our solutions fit your specific needs, whether you’re a small business or a large corporation.

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Experience that Matters

Entrust your brand’s voice with CBE’s seasoned team. Over 90 years of commitment to customer service and business needs.

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Seamless Integration

Advanced telephony and versatile, omnichannel solutions and automated applications when given access to essential back-office systems.

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 Our Services

Customer Support: From first-level inquiries to complex resolutions, our dedicated customer support teams are available to assist your customers swiftly and professionally.

Back Office Services: Our back-office support services streamline your administrative tasks, allowing your team to focus on strategic initiatives. We handle data entry, document processing, reconciliation, transaction processing, and more.

Workforce Augmentation/Management: We rapidly adapt to changing business needs, provide access to specialized skills, and can swiftly scale operations, fortifying businesses with the agility and efficiency needed to thrive in a fast-paced market.

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Industries We Serve

✔  Automotive
✔  Cable/Satellite
✔  Credit and Retail
✔  E-Commerce/Fintech
✔  Financial Services
✔  Government
✔  Healthcare
✔  Higher Education
✔  Telecom
✔  Utilities