What Happens When You Tie Purpose to Innovation

What Happens When You Tie Purpose to Innovation

I work for a purpose-driven organization. This means that everything we do ties to one purpose. Decisions are made in accordance with this purpose and desired behaviors are incented based on our purpose. This is because it matters. When every single person knows why they showed up for work on any given day, as well as how his or her role makes a difference, ideas flow more freely, extra care is taken and our customers are happy.

Innovation is equally important to us. Innovation is a competitive advantage on its own, however when you can capitalize on the talents and minds of those closest to the work because they are not only empowered to bring ideas forward but know exactly what problems they are trying to solve and why – that’s when the magic happens.

This combination works the other way, too. Whether it is a new product or service, application or process, our innovative culture has proven to bring our purpose – or why – to life.

This article goes into more detail about prioritizing innovative projects based on your why. If you don’t know your why, it will be more difficult to prioritize projects outside of personal agendas – which happens in every organization. The whys in the article are more focused on the overall state of your company, such as are you in growth mode, protect mode or optimize mode? You can equally apply these states through a purpose filter to ensure maximum return on investment and return on people.