Ways to Increase Call Center Employee Morale and Performance on a Limited Budget

Ways to Increase Call Center Employee Morale and Performance

Budgets are extra tight these days, however we still need to maximize the performance of our teams by keeping employees motivated and happy. It isn’t always easy to get creative and think of ways to accomplish this with limited funds. Below are some low-cost ideas for employee engagement we’ve found to be successful in our call centers:

  • Appreciate – someone who feels appreciated will always do more than is expected of him or her. Thank you goes a long way. Hand written notes, a simple email or bringing the group together for a quick appreciation huddle and high-fives are all very effective ways to make your team feel appreciated.
  • Listen – we are all human and in some way, we all just want to be heard. Taking the time to listen to employees – no matter what they have to say – is a very powerful morale booster. Carve out an extra ten minutes during 1 on 1s just to ask questions, including questions that build relationships and emotional bank accounts, such as how someone’s weekend was or how his or her family is doing. Ask him or her how they think a new initiative is going or for any ideas that might have to improve a process. You’ll be surprised with what you find out. And your team will feel like their opinion and thoughts matter.
  • Celebrate – with such limited time and so much to get accomplished, it is difficult to take the time to celebrate wins, no matter how big or small. We have a weekly communication email called the COW (Communication of the Week) – fitting since we are headquartered in Iowa – where managers can give kudos for good performance or celebrate someone’s recent promotion. We also have a quarterly State of the Union address that is telecast to all sites where we celebrate the good things that happened during the quarter. Celebrate on a smaller scale with your team by meeting at a coffee shop instead of in a conference room or with a low-cost activity such as bowling or a game day during the lunch hour.
  • Serve – everyone benefits from helping others. Get your team together to help the local Habitat for Humanity or volunteer at the food shelter. We dedicate an entire month to a Pay it Forward initiative where all departments are encouraged to pick a volunteer activity to do together. Some departments continue to volunteer for the same organization together throughout the year even after the Pay it Forward project ends. We also dedicate an entire month for our United Way campaign and have contests, food days, raffles and games for employees to have fun and give back at the same time.
  • Eat – last, but definitely not least, is one our employees’ favorites, food. Any and every kind of food. Whether it is ice cream bars on a hot summer day, a potluck where everyone brings something to share, or a free lunch, employees love this perk. If you have any budget for employee engagement, food is a good idea. There are many options that do not cost a lot for a big group of people.

As in life, sometimes it is the little things that mean the most. Increasing employee morale and performance doesn’t have to break the bank. As a leader, just showing you care and taking the time to build strong relationships will pay off in the long run.

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