All Work and No Play Leaves No Room for Amazing BBQ: The Different Styles of BBQ

All Work and No Play Leaves No Room for Amazing BBQ: The Different Styles of BBQ

In honor of National BBQ Month, we decided to get away from work and talk about the different types of amazing and delicious BBQ styles that are out there. Depending on where you grew up, you probably have a favorite type. We aren’t here to play favorites, we’re just here to tell you about what you might be missing and to explain the different styles of BBQ across the US, according to Thrillist.

Kansas City BBQ

With a signature dish of burnt ends, you know it’s going to be delicious. Kansas City doesn’t limit themselves to just pork and will BBQ just about any meat there is. Cooked over low heat for a long roast over hickory wood, Kansas City knows patience is key. Using a thick and sweet molasses/tomato sauce, there is no way you get done eating without your face and hands being covered.

Memphis Style BBQ

This style of BBQ usually uses pork as a base with a dry rub on the meat. The rub usually includes garlic and paprika, along with a variety of spices depending on the chef. After it has been slow cooked to perfection in a pit, it is served with a thick and tangy tomato-based sauce.

Texas Style – Central and Eastern Style BBQ

The state of Texas is huge and therefore there are quite a few ways you’ll find BBQ done here. However, one theme remains the same: brisket. Central Texans prefer a moist brisket - smoked over pecan or oak wood. Think of this sandwich as a sloppy joe done BBQ style. However, East Texans don’t mess around and prefer their brisket chopped sans the bun. Piled high with hot sauce, you can’t go wrong devouring this steamy smoky goodness.

North Carolina – Lexington and Eastern Style BBQ

North Carolinians agree on a few things: the pork should be brushed with a spice and vinegar mixture while it cooks and should always be served with a ketchup-based sauce. However, that’s as far as the similarities go. Lexington BBQ typically just uses the pork shoulder or ribs and Eastern BBQ like to use the whole pig when serving up their favorite dishes.


From the east coast to the Midwest to the great state of Texas, there is a BBQ for everyone. No matter what style you prefer, you can’t go wrong leaving work behind you and cooking up some delicious BBQ this month. Better yet, why not use the month to try out all of the different styles and become the backyard BBQ master?