Overcoming Challenges and Changes within Higher Education

Overcoming Challenges and Changes within Higher Education

Being in higher education, you know there are challenges and changes that are expected to be dealt with at any given point. Between funding, programs, legislation, resources, working with students and even technology, overcoming these obstacles can be overwhelming even for the best. So how as a financial aid or bursar department do you overcome some of these challenges? Take a look at a few of our suggestions.

Show Value – Getting the resources needed for your department can be as simple as showing value. How is your office working to ensure students are retained? Is it making an impact on student enrollment, admissions, marketing and university financial management? Ultimately, your office is tied to all of these initiatives and you play a critical role. Make it known when you’re seeking resources, funding and other obstacles.

Multi-Pronged Approach – Working to capture students’ attention can be a tricky thing to do. With so many other programs and initiatives vying for their attention, an outdated video from the Department of Education teaching about managing their finances may be the last thing they want to do. Finding partnerships with other organizations and programs on your campus may be the best way to overcome the challenge of getting an audience. Partner with new student orientation, freshman classes, the programs within a college and career services to spread your message as well.

Advocate – You’re the experts in this area. You’re the best ones who know what is needed, what’s working and what’s not. Use your voice to advocate for legislation that could better the financial aid experience. When your industry is reliant on a system and that system doesn’t work, use your platform to share what you think is best.

Be Adaptive – This one may seem like a no-brainer, but adapting can be a challenge in and of itself, especially with new technology or even policy changes. Learning to roll with the punches may be your biggest asset with overcoming challenges and changes.

Stick With It – While some days may get you down and you feel like your back is against the wall, remember you’re working for the good of others. Change is sometimes out of our control and learning to make the best of any situation with a positive attitude can go a long way for yourself and coworkers.

While we know that every situation is not cut and dry, we do believe with these few steps you can start the process of learning to overcome situations that you find challenging. Leave a comment below to share how you work to overcome challenges and changes within your financial aid or bursar office.