Open Communication Pivotal to Employee Engagement

Open Communication Pivotal to Employee Engagement

In today’s office environment, workers want to know what is expected of them and a boss who is visible. The following are two suggestions managers can follow in order to keep employees engaged.

Clarify, and over-communicate expectations. Team members must know what is expected of them, which can be key in driving the team’s vision and culture. Granted, each manager communicates differently based on experience and style. As changes happen, though, and it is imperative to continue to provide clear communication as they evolve in order to assist the team evolve their focus to what will bring most return.

The second tip is simple. Get away from your desk and lead from the floor. Managers should have a presence on the floor by taking on the following: second voices, escalated calls and being on the call line with supervisors and associates. By being involved on the floor, employees learn they can depend upon you to support them and they are not doing anything you yourself wouldn't do. It also allows you to work beside them and model effective job performance. Having a floor presence also allows you to have informal conversations with team members. These coaching sessions are invaluable for engagement and performance.

Consistently implementing these tools will lead to improved communication and performance.

Tyler Mayer is a Senior Manager, Operations with CBE Companies