If you’re looking for a cheap provider, we’re not it

If you’re looking for a cheap provider, we’re not it

According to an Inc. article about the five indispensable skills you need to keep up with the future of work, self-awareness will go a long way. Why? Because unfortunately it is not a skill that any of us are born with. According to Forbes, a series of surveys found that 95% of people think they’re self-aware, but only 10-15% actually are. We need to pro-actively ask those we trust most to hold a mirror up for us, as we simply don’t see ourselves as others see us the majority of the time.

The same skill holds true for brands. You can have the best intentions to live out the principles of your brand, but if your customers don’t see those principles in action, self-awareness and reality of perception will not line up. We’ve went through branding exercises like this at CBE – who we think we are vs. who we want to be vs. who our clients/partners think we are. It made for a very interesting exercise!

One thing that became apparent to us is that we cannot be everything to everyone. Any person or business that truly attempts to do this will always fall short. So, we decided to peel back the layers and try to see who we REALLY are – not just to us – but to who we serve: our employees and our clients/partners, as well as all of the people we communicate with in our call centers every day. That’s how we came up with our purpose of making lives better one call at a time, by connecting people to solutions.

As we went down the path to find our why, we had to give up some things. One of those things was the notion that we would ever be the low cost provider. We tried a couple of times and it just didn’t work for our brand – for who we really are and want to be. It might’ve looked good on paper, but not at the sacrifice of the reason we wake up every morning and come to work.

Part of self-awareness is knowing what to say no to, which also takes great self-control. Our business model today allows us to choose our partners as much as they choose us. We will be up front about the type of partnerships we want to invest in, as well as the fact that we will not be the low cost provider, because we don’t want to waste anyone’s time. We will also show the value we create by not being the low cost provider. By continually investing in our people, technology and process, we experience high employee tenure and engagement, a talent pipeline primed for business growth and pro-active solutions that solve present and future industry challenges and reduce enterprise risk. In turn, our partners experience high performance, highly satisfied customers and risk mitigation for their own brand.

Are we perfect? No. Not even close. But, will we be a true partner that stands by our purpose and is up front about challenges we face? Yes. All day long. So, if you’re looking for the low cost provider, we are simply not it. However, if you’re looking for a high value, authentic partnership, we’d love to talk.