How You Can Improve the Customer Experience and Increase Revenue

How You Can Improve the Customer Experience and Increase Revenue

Outsourcing early-stage AR management efforts is not a new concept in the utility industry.  It is, however, one that has taken some time to evolve and is now starting to profoundly impact the industry.

For some, the benefits are clear and the roadmap seems simple.  But you aren’t alone if you wonder how complementing internal, AR management with outsourcing efforts will improve your customers' experience and increase revenue.  There is a lot to consider with today’s array of options in the design of your early-stage outsourcing solution.  Throughout the series, we break down the most common types of early-stage AR management programs, as well as the benefits you can expect.  When comparing the alternatives to your current strategy, you will likely find that they:

  • Leverage efficiencies to increase effort without increasing cost; thus delivering a higher net back
  • Reduce the overhead expenses associated with a large, internal AR staff
  • Utilize efficiencies gained from the infrastructure, technology and workforce not currently attainable
  • Allow you to better control expenses as you move from a fixed cost structure to a variable cost structure

Stay tuned for Part 2 as we continue to address the early-stage outsourcing solutions that exist.