Motivation without Money: How to Incentivize Your Employees with a Limited Budget

Incentivize Your Employees with a Limited Budget

Rewarding your employees can be difficult when you have a limited budget, but there are numerous ways you can still acknowledge and show appreciation with very minimal or no costs. We’ve listed ideas you may want to implement in your organization. Let us know what you think about our ten ways to incentivize your employees with a limited budget:

  1. Write them a nice thank you note recognizing their hard work and dedication. You could also publicly acknowledge their work during a staff meeting or by sending an email to your boss with them cc’d recognizing their efforts.
  2. Allow your employees to leave work early to thank them for their work or to encourage them to wrap up a project earlier. Look for other opportunities to allow extra hours of PTO.
  3. Start a “Wall of Fame” in the office to highlight achievements and make employees feel appreciated.
  4. Host a potluck when goals are met. You can provide the main dish and have your employees supply the sides and desserts.
  5. Host a volunteer day, where as a team you make time to support a community initiative or a charity. Having employees mark this day off on their calendars will encourage them to wrap up whatever work may need to be completed.
  6. If it’s only casual Fridays in your office, extend it to a casual week and allow employees to wear jeans for meeting a goal.
  7. If your company sponsors events in the community and there are spare tickets, incentivize your employees by giving away the tickets to those who reach their goals, meet deadlines, etc.
  8. Host a snack day and bring in various snacks and drinks to leave in the break room throughout the day as a way to say job well-done.
  9. If your employees are able to, allow them to work from home one day a week.
  10. If an employee really shined on an important project, allow them to shine on an even bigger project. 

There are endless options to show appreciation and encourage employees to go above and beyond without breaking the bank. Make these rewards become the standard when someone meets a goal or accomplishes a tough task so your team is incentivized to produce the results you’re looking for.