How to Get the Right Leaders in Place

How to Get the Right Leaders in Place

At CBE, we use StrengthsFinder assessments to help create the optimal mix of leaders for our management teams.

You’ve been tasked with a mission should you choose to accept it (actually you have no choice, but it’s kind of fun to say it) … You’ve just landed a whale (a really big client). You need to assemble a dream team to help not only launch the new portfolio, but to execute and deliver results from day one. We know people don’t quit their jobs, they quit their managers (thank you Marcus Buckingham). So getting the right leaders in place is your first tactical move. Honestly, it’s probably the most important tactical move you’ll make.

Let’s talk about hiring. The three secret ingredients to a good hire are: (in this order, I repeat, in this order) character, competency and chemistry. Always, always, always consider character when hiring. I have some great interview questions that drill down on this, but that’s for another blog. Character is by far the most important facet when considering a candidate. Competency is important, don’t get me wrong, but skills can be taught and knowledge can be gained. Obviously there is a level of competency which is necessary, but character trumps competency every time.

Now for chemistry and where StrengthsFinder becomes really important. We’ve talked about StrengthsFinder before. It’s Gallup’s jewel. It reveals a person’s predisposition to activities that leave them feeling strong. There are 34 possibilities, and after the assessment you’ll learn your top five. Take these five talents, add in skills and knowledge and you’ll come up with five strengths. We find identifying those strengths as one of the key indicators of building a highly diverse, synergistic and unflappable team! Gallup depicts four categories of strengths, Impacting, Thinking, Striving and Relating. It’s amazing what a blend can bring.