How to Create SMART Goals

How to Create SMART Goals

Whether it’s a new quarter, month or semester, anytime is the perfect time to start with a list of new goals you’re ready to achieve. The best way to do this is by using SMART goals. This method focuses on goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.

S = Specific: When creating goals, you’ll want to create ones that are specific by asking questions like who, what, when, where and why? It can be difficult to achieve a goal that is vague like ‘get in shape’. Better yet, set it to be specific: “To get in shape, I’ll work out three times a week and lose 3 inches off my waist within 8 months.” You’ve set a goal and it can be measured, which leads us to the next letter in the SMART acronym. 

M = Measurable: Going back to our workout goal, it’s simple to measure if you went to the gym three times that week and after eight months of working out three times a week, you can measure whether or not you’ve lost the three inches.

A = Attainable: Say you set a goal to lose eight inches in three months, but you’re just now starting a workout routine and lifestyle change. Meaning it may take some time to get into a rhythm and start better eating habits. Losing eight inches may not be as realistic as setting a goal to lose an inch in three months.

R = Realistic: Attainable and realistic kind of go hand-in-hand. Make sure you’re setting a goal that is realistic, would losing 20 pounds in two months be as realistic as losing 20 pounds in one year? Take a good look at all possibilities and determine what is realistic for you.

T = Timely: Now is the time to pick a realistic and attainable time frame. Give yourself an amount of time that you believe you can achieve your fitness goal. Leaving it up to ‘someday’ can leave you floundering or putting off your goals, allowing you to never attain what you’re hoping to achieve.

So next time you sit down by yourself or with your team to set personal or business goals, remember to create SMART goals. You never know what can be achieved when you implement these tactics in your goal-setting.