Got Purpose? Part 1 of 3

Got Purpose? Part 1 of 3

Do you ever look around and wonder when things changed? The truth is, change happens every day, we often just don’t notice it.  I think if we are not mindful or intentional about noticing things around us, we can end up far down the road missing out on a lot.  When things matter, we pay attention.  When we are passionate about something, we pay attention.

As a leadership team at CBE we decided it was time to get intentional about who we’ve become. And we want our people to be excited about it. We created a new vision and company purpose. Here’s why.

First, let me define what vision and purpose mean. A corporate vision is a formal statement that expresses the aspirations and goals of a company. It is focused more on the future. A company’s purpose is the unique benefit it brings to the world; it is how you make your business stronger by making the world better. For example,  TOMS Shoe's purpose is “One for One,” as they give a pair of shoes away to someone in need with every pair of shoes sold, and Coca-Cola's is "Open Happiness." 

Our organization doesn’t look the same as it did even a year ago, let alone three years ago. So, we’ve been working on a new vision statement and company purpose to better reflect who we are today, and where we are headed tomorrow and beyond. (And it’s not as easy as it may sound!)

A clear vision and purpose will enable our people to understand why we do what we do, and inspire us to wake up every morning and want to come to work. It also helps each of us recognize how our individual roles fit into the bigger picture. Lastly, our vision and purpose form a strong foundation that helps us stand together no matter what we are facing as an organization, as a community, as a state, as a country, or even as a world.

We know that people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. So, what is CBE Companies’ vision and purpose? Be sure to follow our series to find out.

Any questions about company purpose? Contact us today!