Generation Shift Changes Nature of Training for Utilities

Generation Shift Changes Nature of Training for Utilities

The Utility industry is in the midst of a substantial change in its workforce. The industry’s overall workforce is significantly older than average, and the transition to a workforce dominated by Millennials will require altering approaches to many issues in the workforce.

Initial and ongoing training will be more effective for younger generations if it takes into account their life experiences and learning styles. Millennials have grown up immersed in technology and quickly adopt technological solutions. They value learning on an ongoing and constant basis, including self-directed learning.

Most training research for the upcoming workforce emphasize learning in smaller bits with flexible scheduling that allows for the learner to complete modules according to their own timeline while meeting the organization’s deadline.

Here at CBE, we’re committed to effective training that delivers crucial information to our employees in a manner that sticks. We’ve adopted technology, including a Learning Management System, which engages learners, captures their attention and allows for flexibility. We allow our employees room to grow by offering a host of e-learning opportunities that allow them to take control over their leadership and skill development.

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