Benefits for Adapting to a Consumer–Focused Health System

Benefits for Adapting to a Consumer–Focused Health System

As high-deductible plans and out-of-pocket costs continue to rise, the healthcare industry is now shifting how it targets its customer service. Many healthcare systems are adjusting their services and approach to be more focused on the consumer. Find out how adapting to a consumer-focused health system can help your hospital’s bottom line.

To understand a patient’s total experience, consider taking a holistic approach. There are several touchpoints with patients that don’t always fall within the same department, which can be problematic. Think of it this way, while the care of the patient may have been incredible, if the experience with the billing department was horrendous it shows the hospital isn’t on the same page with customer service. Break down departmental silos to ensure the same level of customer service is provided across every department.

Make your patient follow ups more effective, not only for the patient, but for the hospital as well. Allowing every patient to provide feedback lets your hospital benchmark and track the level of service being provided. For surveys that receive a lower than desired score, use the opportunity to reach out to the patient to further investigate their experience. This is the perfect chance to build connections and help mend relations with the patient.

In the restaurant and hotel industries, people choose where they eat or stay based on other customers’ rankings and reviews. This same principle now applies to healthcare. Showing patient reviews is a chance to be transparent and attract new patients. Let these rankings live on your website so when potential patients are searching for a provider, the results are easily found.

Through the lifetime of a patient, they’ll spend $1.3 million in healthcare, and implementing these strategies can help them become a patient for life. If you’re looking for a partner when it comes to accounts receivable and maintaining the same customer service you provide your patients, contact us today.