CBE’s Litigation Management Team Works to Protect the Brand of Our Clients

CBE’s Litigation Management Team Works to Protect Our Clients

In our ever-evolving industry, it comes as no surprise that there are many regulatory and litigation risk factors that businesses must consider from day to day. CBE and its employees take immense pride in its successful track record for brand protection for its clients. CBE has a proven Litigation Management strategy that sometimes goes against the grain in achieving this critical client brand protection objective and has achieved unprecedented victories along the way.

CBE Litigation Management assists the company’s Operations team through constant evaluation of regulatory/litigation risk factors or trends, as well as closely following developing case law that has the potential to impact strategic decisions within the organization and its clients. This “ear to the ground” innovative approach doesn’t stop within the walls of CBE. CBE provides for a proactive consideration of client needs in these areas, giving clients an invaluable outside perspective that is sometimes overlooked.

Clients consistently emphasize a vendor’s duty to comply with the various statutory regulations in order to ensure brand protection and help protect it against being the next big (negative) news story. CBE goes the extra mile and works to identify potential risk factors outside those that are currently known.

CBE’s Litigation Management team directly partners with members of its Compliance, Organizational Development, and Operations teams. Additionally, CBE’s Litigation Management team is privileged to engage its clients when opportunities are presented,  partner in process improvement that will help strengthen legal protection, mitigate risk, and, ultimately, contribute toward mutual improvements well into the future. This successful approach has helped CBE establish itself as a leader in providing compliant debt collection solutions for almost 90 years.

Tom Lockard is Litigation Manager at CBE’s Corporate Headquarters in Cedar Falls, Iowa.