CBE’s Quality Assurance Team Works to Provide Excellent Results for Clients

CBE’s Quality Assurance Team

In our industry, no matter if the client is a government entity, a healthcare organization, or a utility, CBE clients need to know their customers are being treated properly. CBE takes the responsibility of brand protection for our client seriously and is continually working to enhance our business practices. In fact, CBE has a Quality Assurance team of employees that play a pivotal role in ensuring excellence for our clients by running our quality assurance program.

CBE’s Quality Assurance program assists CBE’s Operations team with process improvement relating to revenue performance. Using speech analytics, CBE systemically analyzes each call for quality assurance. This systemic analysis provides a level of call analysis not otherwise available, which allows for continual feedback to phone agents and creates an environment conducive to continuous collaboration on best practices.

Each client comes to CBE with different needs in terms of compliance requirements and brand protection. CBE’s Quality Assurance program plays an important role in helping CBE’s Operations team with process improvement relating to client process and procedural adherence. Using speech analytics, CBE can target very specific events that are important to our clients in each call and help them achieve their compliance requirement and brand protection goals.

CBE’s program also bridges the gap between our Compliance, Organizational Development, and Operations teams. CBE’s Quality Assurance team conducts monthly reviews on quality assurance performance and provides both high level and detailed reporting to these various stake holders. Through these efforts, CBE works to ensure consistency throughout our departments regarding the following:

  • Policies and procedures
  • Process improvement relating to revenue performance
  • Process improvement relating to client process  and procedural adherence
  • Process improvement relating to Regulatory adherence.

These are some best practices we have implemented in our Quality Assurance program, which have been pivotal to helping CBE provide services to clients for 85 years. While the Operations team and our Phone Agents are interacting with consumers each day, the Quality Assurance team, continues working to ensure quality.

Aaron Olson is a Manager of Compliance and Quality Assurance at CBE’s Corporate Headquarters in Cedar Falls, Iowa.