A Tale of Vision, Creativity, and Innovation

There isn’t a better way to kick off 2017 than with our road to promotion series. I am pleased to share Brandon Medlin’s story on his road to promotion over the last 13 years and how he has become the Director of Technology & Operations at LocateSmarter, a subsidiary of CBE Companies.

We interviewed Brandon and this is what he had to say:brandon-medlin-10

Why do you stay at CBE & LocateSmarter?
Simply put, opportunities. It wasn’t until I decided to take a leap of faith from Operations to Product Management that I understood my potential here. In 2012, the company took a gamble selecting me as the company’s first Product Manager. Honestly, I love pioneering new roles and projects as it takes vision, creativity and innovation. This company has high goals and, as such, requires a sense of innovation, which I love. So long as our leaders remain invested for growth I feel confident in my career at CBE as new problems will need solved.

Why did you join CBE?
Honestly, I needed money through college. I had a friend reach out and say my smooth talking abilities would be a sure thing for collections.

What have you learned while working at CBE and LocateSmarter?
There really isn’t enough time nor space for me to outline everything I’ve learned through my career here. I will say I’ve been blessed to work with some great leaders in my 13 years. Having served many roles at CBE I still say the most challenging to date is a collector. The amount of mental energy, confidence and persistence it takes can be daunting. The most important thing I’ve learned in my career has been how important the people are. Nothing can beat a motivated team who has the energy, knowledge and skills to solve problems. I really describe myself as a jack of many trades master of none. Through Operations management, Project Management and Product Management you learn everything from process improvements, capital investment, development methodologies, vendor management, business development, organizational strategy, leadership and the list goes on. It’s really been a blessing.

Where do you see the company going over the next five years? What is your role in getting there?
At the heart of this company are pioneers, people who like to challenge the status quo. Your guess is as good as mine outside of the obvious. We have some solid core competencies in the call center space. I anticipate more growth in our collections and BPO divisions. Outside of that, it’s up to innovation. I foresee more opportunities like LocateSmarter to be invested in. Anyone reading this could play a large role in what that may look like. We are constantly looking to strategic alternatives to help grow the business. For me? I’m typically on the edge of these new ideas. It’s what fuels my motivation.

Anything else you want to add?
For those sitting in seats with more drive than what they’re giving I say get out of your comfort zone. Sometimes we fear the unknown too much. Recently, one of my peers reminded me of how important it is to remove the fear of being fired or failing. If you feel passionate about something go for it.