A Tale of a Path Always Moving Forward

We enjoy telling the inspiring stories of CBE employees and the road they’ve traveled with our company. I am pleased to share today’s story about Amanda Gantois. Amanda has been at CBE for over 11 years and has worn many hats in the operations role since she started as a collector in 2005 trying to make extra money during college. Amanda is now the Senior Operations Manager.

We interviewed Amanda and this is why she had to say: 

Why do you stay at CBE?
The reason I stay at CBE is because of the people! I love meeting new people and hearing their stories. It’s amazing what you can learn from those who work close by you. I’ve realized over the last 11 years that family is more than just those with the same name as you. Life has its ups and downs and I am thankful to know that I can lean on my CBE family any day of the year.

Why did you join CBE?
I started at CBE while I was going to college and thought of it more as a job while in school at the time. A couple of years into my tenure at CBE, I started realizing how much CBE had helped me grow as a person. CBE cared about me as a person and not just an employee. CBE’s leadership team wanted me to grow in my personal life and my work life.

What have you learned while working at CBE?
One of the things I’ve learned while at CBE that has helped me be successful in both my professional and personal life is to be organized. Things don’t always go as planned so it’s always good to have a backup that you have thought through. CBE has taught me to plan in advance so that I am not trying to do too many things in one day.

Where do you see the company going over the next five years? What is your role in getting there?
CBE has always been very good at making smart decisions when it comes to the future. Over the next five years, I see CBE growing with its most recent contract here in the Cedar Valley. I only imagine that CBE will grow in other areas of the country as it gains new contracts over the next five years. My part will be to provide the positive and supportive guidance for the management team and all members within the organization here in the Cedar Valley but more specifically, the Waterloo-Fisher Building. I will work to ensure CBE remains a premier performer, while our clients have the best partnership possible.

Anything else you want to add?
I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for CBE. The leaders within the company have helped mold me, push me and encouraged me when I didn’t think I could. Believe in yourself because chances are someone is looking up to you. Don’t let them down!