A Story of Trust and Loyalty

A Story of Trust and Loyalty

To meet Brittney Doland is to encounter positivity and optimism. Brittney started with CBE on May 28, 2013, as an Associate for a government contract. This year, Brittney was one of the employees that was offered a position elsewhere in the company because of the delay in the contract award. Along with the rest of the team, she has been waiting for more than two years to learn if we will be re-awarded the contract. However, her trust and loyalty to CBE have remained through it all.

Brittney said, “Tom Penaluna put together a good thing here. We are business-driven, but each of us is truly seen as a person.” She also mentioned that she is thankful that management and employees really do live out CBE’s Culture Code.

However, Brittney was quick to point out that she did go through a period of grief. She said, “I was mad and there was no one to blame. Yet, I had to keep going.”  Brittney said that she consciously had to make the choice to stay optimistic, as what happened to her in June was just real life. She knew that looking for a job outside of CBE was not for her, as she values stability for her two boys – a 7-year-old and an almost 3-year-old.

Brittney believes that things happen for a reason. She said that while she misses the closeness of her previous team, she has made new friends in CBE’s Healthcare Department, and her management team speaks very highly of her as well. Vice President of Operations Harley Wilson said, “All I hear over and over again is that she has an amazing, positive attitude.”

Brittney has been in Healthcare for three months. She has hit goal and made commission every month. Thank you Brittney for being a positive role model for your peers!