7 Things You Didn't Know About the Philippines

7 Things You Don’t Know About the Philippines

CBE Companies is headquartered in Cedar Falls, Iowa; but did you know we also have sites in the Philippines? We’ve shared blogs in the past that speak to the country’s alignment with US culture, education and innovation. (Read more here.) But here are seven random facts you might not have known about the Philippines:


Only around a quarter of the 7,600 islands are inhabited

A new technology released in 2013 found more than 500 additional unknown islands. Although the majority of these newfound islands are uninhabitable, they still contribute to the overall land mass of the Philippines. (Source)


Basketball is the most popular sport

The sport was first introduced during the US occupation of the Philippines. There is even the PBA, Philippine Basketball Association – the American equivalent of the NBA. Reggie Williams, Kevin Porter and Chris Morris all played in the PBA before the NBA. (Source)


Three of the top 10 largest malls in the world are in the Philippines

Opening in 1985, the SM City North EDSA mall is 5,360,000 sq ft. It has over 800 stores including 300 dining outlets and has 6 floors. It is so large, there are even condominiums called the Grass and Fern residences. (Source)


Karaoke was first patented here

Although many people attribute karaoke to the Japanese, it was actually first patented in the Philippines. Roberto del Rosario patented the device in 1975. (Source)


Their flag is more than just a symbol of their country

The Philippines flag has both a royal blue and red band going horizontally across the flag. In times of war, the flag is flown with the red band on top whereas all other times, the blue band is flown on top. (Source)


Finding Nemo couldn’t have been found without the Philippines

Virginia Santos was the animator for Dory in Finding Nemo and is from the Philippines. She got her fine arts degree from University of Santo Tomas. She has also worked on Woody and Jesse from Toy Story 2, as well as Sulley and Mike from Monsters, Inc. (Source)


The Philippines lay claim to the zebronkey

The world’s first zebronkey, half zebra half donkey, was born at the Manila Zoo in 1962. Though she was rejected by both parents, she was happily taken care of by zoo keepers. Lolita, as she was named, survived on carabao milk, molasses, vitamins and grass.