5 Tips to Get Your Outsourcing Program on the Right Path

5 Tips to Get Your Outsourcing Program on the Right Path

Have you ever had your offshore outsourcing program get off on the wrong path for any number of reasons?

Here are the five most relevant tips to assist in getting your offshore outsourcing program on the right path from the start.

1.  Define clear objectives
A successful offshore outsourcing strategy begins with clearly defined objectives and measurable goals. Objectives state the reasons for an offshore program, illuminate its business value, and provide a working framework for making decisions about which partner to work with, which outsourcing model to use, what projects to outsource and what levels of risk to assume.

2.  Set realistic expectations
After establishing your goals and objectives, you need to revisit them to make sure they’re realistic. You want to set your team up for success right from the start.

3.  Count the costs
While one of the main objectives of your outsourcing programs is inevitably cost related, make sure you capture all of the costs that go into both start-up and ongoing execution of your program. You don’t want to be surprised down the road with any hidden costs.

4.  Use an effective outsourcing model
Another critical factor in executing an offshore outsourcing program is the use of an effective outsourcing model, one that has proven to be successful, meets your company’s business model, and fits your current circumstances. Here is a great article by outsourcing specialist, Kate Vitasek, about how your outsourcing model can make or break the deal. It also discusses seven different models.

5.  Choose complementary business partners
Carefully choose business partners with similar values to help execute your program. Partnering with a company that works as an engaged partner to drive solutions for your priority issues is a vital component to the success of your offshore programs.

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