5 Reasons Patient Engagement Drives Efficient Outcomes

5 Reasons Patient Engagement Drives Efficient

As a health care provider, you’ve probably observed the benefits of patient engagement first hand. However, understanding why patient engagement brings better results means that you can implement strategies to increase it. CBE Companies would like to offer you these five reasons why patient engagement drives more efficient outcomes:

  1. Engaged patients are proactive about their health.
    In general, health issues that are addressed early on will be easier to fix. Engaged patients do not wait until tomorrow to see their provider if a need arises.
  2. Engaged patients understand the value of treatment.
    An engaged patient is one who is more likely to be compliant when it comes to their treatment plan, and sees a direct connection between what they’re doing today and what they hope to achieve tomorrow.
  3. Engaged patients make healthy day-to-day decisions.
    From daily exercise to eating right to avoiding bad habits that could jeopardize their health down the line, the engaged patient makes sure that their day-to-day decisions lines up with their health care goals.
  4. Engaged patients do their research.
    Whether it is researching the best hospital, doctor or clinic to attend or researching different treatment methods, an engaged patient is one who is knowledgeable about their options and more likely to take their health into their own hands.
  5. Engaged patients are rarely delinquent. 
    When a patient has a high level of engagement in their care, it’s far less likely that they will allow their accounts to become delinquent, as this will interrupt their continuation of care. While some engaged patients find themselves in situations that are beyond their control, for the most part, an engaged patient will find a way to pay down their account. ​​​​​​

By understanding these five reasons why patient outcome is tied to patient engagements, you will be better able to strategize around ways to maximize efficiencies and revenue streams. CBE Companies is here to help. We offer revenue cycle management solutions that help hospitals and clinics recoup income lost from accounts that have gone delinquent.