3 Ways to Create a Culture of Innovation

3 Ways to Create a Culture of Innovation

At CBE we take pride in the culture of innovation that we have created over time. It didn’t happen overnight, however it is something we continue to strive for every day. Below are three ways you can take what we’ve learned and apply it within your company’s culture.

1.  Make improvement a habit
Be a learning organization. At the highest level, support constant, ongoing investment in the technology, knowledge and processes that reduce risk over time. And, expect to see valuable outcomes as a result.

2.  Get creative
Empower employees to execute on new ideas. Create an environment where they are not apprehensive to brainstorm and get creative. If current technology doesn’t meet your needs, invest in a solution that is better than what the market offers. And, expect to experience a competitive advantage.

 3.  Value people
People drive innovation, so invest in developing and nurturing leaders at all levels throughout your organization. Know who your rock stars are, and know who will step up next time you need to fill a vital role. We are actually committed to, both financially and in time spent, sending every single one of our employees through a two-day training based on Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The results we continue to see with this investment? A workforce with valuable tools at their fingertips to not only produce better results for clients and think about problem solving in new ways, but also to enrich their lives away from the workplace.