3 Reasons Why Your Hospital Should Hire a Collection Agency

3 Reasons Why Your Hospital Should Hire a Collection Agency

Anyone who has guided a hospital or clinic through substantial growth is familiar with the growing pains that come with that. One of those inevitable growing pains is an increase in delinquent patients and guarantors. If your accounts receivable personnel are putting in too many hours, it might be time to hire a collection agency.

Aside from relieving your own staff, hiring a collection agency can have the following benefits:

  1. Compliance

    In the last decade, the financial industry has seen an increase in the number of regulations that govern it. While there is certainly movement to repeal the Dodd-Frank act, there are still numerous rules that dictate how a debt collector can conduct themselves. At CBE Companies (CBE), we take pride in the fact that we go above and beyond the letter of the law when it comes to collecting debts. Our debt collectors are rigorously educated on all state and federal regulations.

  2. Faster results

    It’s well-known that the longer it takes to collect a debt, the more likely it is that it will remain uncollected. CBE has a proven track record of recovering assets in a timely fashion. Our company is led by industry experts who pass their knowledge onto our highly-trained staff of debt collectors.

  3. Free Your Resources

    Following up with delinquent accounts takes a lot of manpower, not to mention the cost of infrastructure, security, phone calls and postage. It can become even more time-consuming if the person you’re trying to reach has changed addresses or phone numbers. At CBE, we have access to powerful databases that make it easier for us to locate your patients, allowing you to save time, effort and resources.

At CBE, we can help you turn your attention back to what matters—growing your clinical network and taking care of patients. We can create an asset recovery plan that’s tailored to your particular needs.